Stream Wise

2023 CPs

Our Community Partners

Ausable River Association

The Ausable River Association helps communities protect their streams and lakes. Using a scientific approach and informing stewardship by residents and visitors, they generate solutions to problems facing the watershed.

Franklin County Natural Resource Conservation District

FCNRCD promotes land use that supports human livelihoods and sustains ecosystems in Franklin County, VT, and empowering landowners and land-users to address natural resource concerns through USDA and locally-developed programs.

Franklin Watershed Committee

The Franklin Watershed Committee improves the healthful integrity of the Franklin Watersheds so that the uses and values desired by the people are assured, and to enhance the water quality and aesthetic values of Lake Carmi as a recreational facility. 

Friends of the Winooski River Inc.

Friends of the Winooski River is working to restore and protect their watershed by reducing pollution, improving habitat, and increasing floodplain resiliency, while encouraging sustainable enjoyment of the river. 

Lake Champlain Committee

LCC is a bi-state nonprofit environmental organization that uses science-based, advocacy, education, and collaborative action to protect water quality, safeguard habitat, combat pollution, and foster stewardship throughout the Lake Champlain Watershed.

Lamoille County Conservation District

The Lamoille County Conservation District has been conserving and protecting soil, water, and natural resources for the local community since 1945.

Missisquoi River Basin Association

The Missisquoi River Basin Association’s goal is to restore and maintain the ecological integrity of the Missisquoi River system so that the uses and values desired by the community are supported by the river and quality of its water.

Organisme de basin versant de la baie Missiquoi

L’Organisme de bassin versant de la baie Missisquoi is recognized by the Government of Quebec as being responsible for the integrated water management area of the Missisquoi Bay watershed to affirm the collective character of water resources and to strengthen their protection.

Paul Smith’s College Adirondack Watershed Institute

Paul Smith’s College Adirondack Watershed Institute is committed to protecting clean water, conserving habitat and supporting the health and well-being of people in the Adirondacks through scientific inquiry, stewardship and real-world experiences for students.