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Stream Wise Reaches New Landowners in 2023

Stream Wise Reaches New Landowners in 2023

Stream Wise thanks the 76 homeowners who invited Stream Wise assessors onto their property to evaluate the health of their stream buffer this year. In total, 42 streamside landowners earned a Stream Wise award for maintaining wide buffers of native plants along their section of river or stream! Their stewardship activities will help increase flood resiliency in the region and benefit water quality and natural habitat in their local communities. 

Staff from ten organizations in Vermont, New York, and Quebec served as Stream Wise assessors. They walked hundreds of acres along rivers and streams that flow to Lake Champlain, sharing with landowners the benefits of protecting the resiliency of our waterways. (Learn about our valued community partners here!)

There are many motivations for reaching out to your local Stream Wise assessor. If invited to your property, they can talk with you one-on-one about flooding, drought and groundwater source protection, erosion and landslide concerns, benefits of planting native species, site improvements for recreational enjoyment, and so much more!

“…[We] love using the stream for birding, fishing and exploring the stream with the family.”
– Annette in Richford, VT. Located on a tributary to the Trout River

Guy from Rivière Sutton in Abercorn, QC values in his property for “La tranquillité et l’apaisement de la nature”. He invited a Stream Wise Assessor onto his property to be sure his work as a local resident is done in the right way.

The Frawley’s enjoy sitting by Nickels Brook in Keene, NY, listening to it, taking a dip in the water, watching it change throughout the seasons, and watching wildlife. It inspires poetry. “[We] have been here a long time and have seen the brook change. Irene rerouted the brook in a channel closer to the road. Now the bank is eroding and we want to do what we can to help protect it”.

Parda from Cabot, VT enjoys maintaining trails on their property which is located on an unnamed tributary of Jug Brook. “[I] learned about birds while hiking as a youth and dreamed of a cabin in the north country. I want to preserve it.”

Richard wants to protect his property as an easement or by other means for recreation, primarily skiing, and for the wildlife that are dependent on the Lyon Brook in Vermontville, NY.
“I’m taking every step to ensure the property is meeting standards to remain as a natural, minimally disturbed site.” 

“The riparian area must be maintained to stop erosion and the movement of phosphorus toward the lake” Tony wants to do the most for his land which is located along Foote Brook in Johnston, VT.

Our Stream Wise Community is growing! View our Stream Wise Award Map here.

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Advisory Committee: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, New York State Adirondack Park Agency, Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program

2024 Stream Wise Assessors include staff from: Ausable River Association, Franklin County Natural Resource Conservation District, Franklin Watershed Committee, Friends of the Mad River, Friends of Northern Lake Champlain, Friends of the Winooski River Inc., Grand Isle Natural Resources Conservation District, Greensboro Association, Lake Champlain Committee, Lamoille County Conservation District, Missisquoi River Basin Association, Organisme de basin versant de la baie Missiquoi, and Paul Smith’s College Adirondack Watershed Institute.

Stream Wise is a project of the Lake Champlain Basin Program and NEIWPCC.